About Cambridge Brass

Cambridge Brass History

As a leading manufacturer of brass fittings for the waterworks industry, Cambridge Brass takes great pride in quality, innovation and customer service. For over 100 years we understand the needs of a changing market and continue to develop products for today and the future. We offer a full line of corporation brass setters, and saddles in no lead brass. Here is our story

 Galt Brass Manufacturing Company Limited
1907Galt Brass Manufacturing Company Limited was established.  Original location - Water Street,
North Galt, Ontario
Building was 3,000 sq. ft. and manufactured sink bibs (faucets) and radiator valves
1910Relocated to 471 Dundas Street
1917Cluff Brothers of Toronto purchased the company
1955Peglers Limited of Doncaster, England purchased the company
1969Wallaceburg Brass Limited purchase controlling interest of Galt Brass Ltd.
1970Wallaceburg Brass became Waltec Industries
 Canadian Brass Company Limited
1905Canadian Brass Company Limited was established.  Original location 415 Dundas Street, Galt,
Ontario, Distribution Warehouse in Red Deer, Alberta
Manufactured sink bibs (faucets), ground key brass valves, fittings and municipal water distribution products
1952Canadian Brass Limited was sold to Fittings Limited, Oshawa, Ontario and subsequently became a subsidiary of that company
1977Pedlar Fitting acquired control of Canadian Brass
 Cambridge Brass
1979-80Canadian Brass and Galt Brass facilities combined in a new facility located at 140 Orion Place under the new name of Cambridge Brass
1986Cambridge Brass became part of EMCO Limited as a result of the purchase of Waltec Industries
1988Cambridge Brass shifted the manufacturing of rough brass to EMCO in return for the manufacturing of waterworks brass
1989Arista Newman, a sister company that fabricated stainless steel sinks and security ware was closed.  Cambridge Brass became the manufacturer of these product lines in Canada.  Product was carried out by Metcraft and Kindred Industries
1992Cambridge Brass was purchased by Masco Corporation from EMCO.  Delta Faucet Canada closed their foundry leaving Cambridge Brass with the only brass foundry at Masco
1993Exited the securityware market by allowing Metalcraft to sell in Canada under its own brandname
1994Export Sales agents were established in the USA by selecting key Delta USA agents who already had penetrated this commerical market.  Twenty agents were identified and set up to sell industrial and laboratory product lines.
1995Assembly of institutional and laboratory product was moved to Delta, London manufacturing facility.  Cambridge Brass continues to cast machine and finsih body components for these product lines.  Responsibilities for the Delta (EMCO) brand and Cambridge Brass brand of rough brass was taken over by Cambridge Brass.  Machining and assembly equipment dedicated to rough brass as relocated from Delta London's facility to the Cambridge Brass facility as a strategic shift allowing  Cambridge Brass to focus on the waterworks brass market.
1997Export sales agents were setup in the USA to sell waterworks brass products
1998OME efforts increased and this non-captive business segment doubles over the next three years.  Captial investments were used to upgrade machinery and capacity increases
1998Smith Blair company agrees to partner with Cambridge Brass to sell their complimentary pipe products across Canada.
1999Cambridge Brass purchased the Hays Waterworks Brass line from Lee Brass, Anniston Alabama.  Two lines were relocated to Cambridge Brass and castings/machine processes converted to accommodate the product line.
2000First contract for no lead product signed with Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)
2005100th Anniversary
2006Cambridge Brass is Purchased by AY McDonald
200812,000 sq. ft. warehouse added